Pros and cons of franchise business setup

Franchise setup to some people may seem an easy business. All that is needed is to take forward an already established brand forward but in another location. But little would you know that there is more than just that. One has to spend considerable amount of time and invest money to ensure that the business starts to pay off. Here is a glance of the pros and cons of starting a franchise:

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  • Building a brand and clienteleStarting a franchise business means that your brand is already an established one. Your customers will expect that the delivery quality is guaranteed. Their familiarity ensures that your business setup is a reliable brand. You don’t have to worry to ensure the continuity of existing clientele and you will be able to build the new one basis the brand name.
  • Control – Owning a franchise means that you have the freedom to choose the people you hire and the culture you develop in the operating environment.
  • Business strategy and product development – As a franchise owner, you need not worry about your business strategy or product development. The franchisor will develop these strategies and replicate them to each of the franchise. In fact as the owner, you are likely to know the trade secrets of your parent company. You will also save time and money in developing any new product. The franchisor will create the product and you will only have to implement it.


  • Research – Initial research and spending a lot of time is needed to be done by the franchise to ensure that the choice of business is absolutely correct.
  • Tenure – A franchise contract typically may last for 10 years or may change depending upon the franchisor.
  • Initial cost – Royalty fee which ranges between 6%-20% per year along with set up cost and rental needs to be born by the franchise.
  • Operating System – While a franchise gives you the freedom to choose the employees you can hire and fire, you still need to follow the operating system of the larger business. The equipment and uniforms become a part of these guidelines and adherence to these is a must.
  • Stakes – If anything goes wrong with the franchisor (ethical or any other concern), this bad mouthing is likely to impact other franchisees as well. A good name attracts perks but negative publicity also causes the franchisee store to bear the brunt.

Franchising is the top operating model these days which gives both the franchisor and the franchisee many options to explore and create an entrepreneur environment and franchise one helps making a sound decision. It has various modules which have been very helpful to many people in the past specifically the one pertaining to education franchise Singapore.

Five Tell Signs of a Successful Nursery School

As a parent, the first challenge of making decisions for your child presents itself when it is time to choose a pre-school. A simple online search specific to a given location will throw numerous hits all claiming that they are the best. In order to pick from the available choices, here are five tell signs to help you choose the best nursery in Singapore.

1. Word on the street: Reputation often precedes the institution. A good reputation is a testimony of excellent teaching standards and facilities. A pre-school that proclaims its greatness must have an amicable atmosphere, a learning environment with a brain stimulating teaching curriculum. You could request the school to hand a list of parent names and their contact number to speak to them or visit during afternoon time to interact with other parents. If most of the feedback is negative, look for other schools.

2. A curriculum that educates: It would be futile if all that your child learns is to tell a fruit from a vegetable- you might as well save the tuition and teach her at home. Curriculum is the litmus test that points the teaching efficiency of the program chosen by the school. What you should look for is adequate time for play, group activities, snack, TV time (must be minimum), craft etc. If you feel that the curriculum is not challenging enough, look for other options.

3. A well planned administrative structure: The school shouldn’t be so strict that it makes you wonder if you’ve enlisted or enrolled your child neither should it be nonchalant. Look into how they handle emergency situations and sickness policy. If the school isn’t forthcoming with the asked information, there is a high chance that they are hiding something.

4. Cleanliness: Needless to emphasize, but cleanliness is a positive indication. If the interior of the school looks like a misplaced sand pit, turn around and look for a different one. Also visit the food preparation section to inspect the standards of hygiene. The trash bins must not be smelly and over-littered and the indoor must be well ventilated.

5. A valid license: Inquire on the credentials and the license of the pre-school. Be through and cross-check with the Social Service department if the license is current. When a school is licensed it means to say that the institute is certified to adhere to the standards put forth by the state. Ideally, the institute must have cleared the NAEYC accreditation.

How to Help Your Child In Getting Adjusted To A Pre-Nursery School?

There are innumerable benefits offered by a good pre nursery school. It can actually be an ideal place where your kids can interact with other children and also pick up important lessons of life such as how to adhere to rules and share things with their peers. It is the perfect venue to get them ready for making an entry into a good kindergarten school.

However, when your kid starts going to a kindergarten, there are a lot of emotions involved for both your little one and you. The kid enters a preschool environment for the first time, so it is a world of unknown teachers for him. You, as a parent, on the other hand may have mixed feelings about whether your child is set for preschool or not.

When you are more relaxed about the decision made, it will be easier for you to make life easier for your little one in a preschool.

Make sure that your kid’s fears and anxiety are taken care of

You need to devout some quality time with your kid before he starts going to his preschool. Just prior to the first day, introduce him or her slowly to some of those activities that are frequently conducted in the actual classroom. If your child is habituated with the crayons and papers at home, he will not find it intimidating when the same things are given to him at his classroom in the preschool.

When you visit your kid’s preschool classroom for a couple of times before the commencement of the school, it will helpful in providing you with an opportunity of not only getting introduced to the teacher of your kid but also find out from her the common activities and routine. You can then apply a few of those activities at your home to make him familiar.

When you are more assured and calm about your decision of sending the child to a preschool, you are little one will also develop more confidence.

The importance of first day

The first day of your entry to the many pre nursery in Singapore is quite important as you need to introduce your child to his teacher. Then, you must give some time to get the teacher getting adjusted to your kid and let them form a connection. When you demonstrate your acceptance of the teacher in front of the kid, he or she is bound to feel safer and happier in the care of that teacher.

In case your kid starts clinging to you and refuses to let go of you, do not get angry or upset. It will only you’re your your kid more upset.

Why Parents Benefit From Leaving Children In Daycare

It can be a hassle for parents to figure out who to leave their kids during the day especially when they are out working to earn money and increase their position in life. It is a daunting task having to go around the neighborhood or asking a relative or next door neighbor to look after their minor. Some people are not willing to do the jobs while others are not to be trusted at all hence the development of daycare centers appeared.

Daycare used to be a free service runned by government agencies to provide a safe environment for minor of different age groups. These minor after being immersed in playgroup in Singapore learn to associate with other kids their age, understand their environment much better, and also learned a few things such as literacy and numerals. However as things began to progress parents now want to send their kids to private institutions that offer daycare.

The difference between the two is that government runned daycare can only provide the basics and only stops there. It does not fully develop a child nor prepare them for the higher grade compared to private institutions where daycare are far more advanced and have a holistic approach towards the development of a child. Aside that there are benefits families can acquire from enrolling children into private institutions.

One advantage is that guardian can feel assured that they are leaving children in the hands of professionals who are qualified but also have the extensive knowledge and training. More over another advantage the guardian know is that the institution itself have better training facilities, amenities, and an environment that is conducive to learning. Furthermore not only is it a great idea to send children to day care groups because they will not only learn how to associate with others, but learn a far greater deal about themselves too.

However the disadvantages that parent can encounter when it comes to choosing a school for their children are usually location and distance. Some schools are far away from the central business district and also away from home. Other times the location may not be ideal so it is very imperative guardian make an effort to do research before they enroll their children to the program.

Aside from distance and location guardian also need to be wary about the kinds of people running the school. And highly recommended guardian visit the school during school hours and watch and observe how things are being conducted there. And imperative that guardians trust the institution as well as the faculty and staff present since not only is it necessary to inquire about how things develop there.

But also important that parents know how things work out inside the institution during school hours. Therefore parents who want to send minor to day care groups at a private institution knows that the benefits they gain from enrolling minor there can bear long term results. Thus it is highly important that parents should send their kids to school to provide them with good education.

But to help them understand their role and how they fit into the world at large. Children learn far better when they are in a group with people their age. Aside that they also learn to make friends, can easily expand their horizons, and ultimately find joy and happiness in the company of other people.

Learn Spanish to effectively change your life

Spanish is one of the most popular languages to learn out there, with over half a billion people speaking Spanish it gives you ample opportunity to use the language. Learning a foreign language is found to improve your cognitive health and shielding your from memory related diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. If these are not good enough reason to study Spanish, we shall list out other ways how learning Spanish can change your life. Learn Spanish in Singapore with the help of trained tutors to get fluent in the language

Learning Spanish helps you improve your financial situation

What if learning Spanish can bring you money? It’s an enticing proposition for anyone to start learning Spanish, but money alone doesn’t motivate people to learn a language. Learning Spanish improves your chances of getting job and thereby improves the chances of a sound financial situation. Moreover, it opens you up to accept other culture and be more tolerant to other people. It also opens up a whole new market of consumers if you want to start a new business or extend an already running business.

Starting early helps you become smarter

Most people start learning new languages when they are adults and are job hunting. But research has shown that kids who had started learning a new language very early tend to outperform their peers because learning a new language develops your brain. It is also found that mathematical skills of such students are also superior helping them solve and calculate mathematical problems faster.

A language in your CV can increase you salary

According to industrial experts, people in the field of marketing, sales and technical support has seen a rise of salary at the rate of 10 to 15 percent if they have a foreign language in their CV. The multilingual skill means more money into your bank as well as getting jobs easily. For instance in a country like USA where there is a presence of large Spanish speaking population, Spanish speaking ability of an employee is greatly valued.

Spanish for startups

If you are an entrepreneur trying to bring forth a startup, knowing a language like Spanish can widely improve the scope of your startup and change your life forever. The Spanish speaking countries have combined GDP of 6 trillion USD which is a very large market to tap into. With 20 countries that are native Spanish speakers and further 44 countries with around 3 million Spanish speakers the outreach of the language is truly global.

The Various tones of Mandarin

Mandarin is often a largely misunderstood language. The language that has its roots in mainland China has been a difficult language to not only master but even understand by many civilizations in the western hemisphere if the globe. Most civilizations base their understanding and context of language over the words and vocabulary involved. In most languages, the vocabulary and its connotations and denotations matter largely and even take precedence over any other type of language. However, in the case of Mandarin, it is quite unique in this way. In fact, Mandarin is the only language that is so unique in the form of using tone to communicate and to delineate a different meaning for different contexts. It is one of the only few languages wherein the tone of the person speaking matters more than the words. Taking up Mandarin classes in Singapore would be a good idea if you want to master the language. The guide to better understanding tone in Mandarin is as follows.

Beginner levels

It is useful to practice your tone in basic phrases like ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’. In Mandarin, Ni Hao is the standard generic word used for greeting someone, especially in a polite manner. This can also be used for several other greetings, with the apt tone. In various other tones, this could mean several other things. In the case of this greeting, the tone must be a little high pitched, but more importantly in the case of this greeting the tone must be of an interrogative nature.

Intermediate level

In the case of Mandarin it is always important to understand the kind of tone implied. When you wish to address someone and state a basic fact. Or wish to make a passing statement, you must ensure that your tone is strong, resolute, but you must ensure that the tone is neutral. In the case of a question, it is obvious that you must make your tone to form an inquisitive or interrogative tone. In this case, the listener will automatically imply that you have asked him a question instead of making a statement.

Advanced tones

In the case of high level talks, it could get tricky sometimes if you wish to just make a statement. A common mistake that most beginners make while learning Mandarin is to mistake a serious tone with a neutral one. In the case of a serious or unfortunate matter, such as a death in the family, it is important to put across a serious tone, however, in the case of business dealings you must not mistake a serious tone for a neutral tone.