How to Help Your Child Settle into a Nursery?

Like every new beginning, getting adjusted to a new nursery is a major change for the child as well as parents. Fortunately, the best nursery in Singapore gives some tried and tested tips to parents to help their little one settle down in a nursery. The tips below can make the transition from home to nursery as smooth as possible both for kids and parents. Read on!

Go for a nursery visit with your child

It’s inevitable even for adults to be shy with new people around in new places. So, you can imagine how overwhelming it’s likely to be for a child to be in a new nursery. This is why parents should arrange for a nursery visit with the child and familiarise them with the surroundings they would be hanging out in soon.

Talk to the child about starting nursery

Discuss openly with your little one about starting nursery soon and the new change that would come into their routine. Get them ready by talking about the new nursery and offering them some useful reference points. Tell them what it is all about – meeting new friends, new toys to play with, and other such points. This can create excitement in them. If your child has concerns or questions, address them calmly.

Allow a comforter if needed

Any comforter that your child loves to take along – may be a favourite toy or blankie – something to help them settle down. Such familiar reference taken from home can assure your young one during the beginning days at a nursery.

Maintain a brief goodbye

Bidding goodbye to your child at the nursery door can test the determination of even the most practical-minded parent. Remember to handle the departure rightly as this is what will help your child, to a great extent, settle down in the nursery. According to experts, parents should tell the child clearly that they are leaving, kiss them goodbye and leave, while ensuring that they understand that you will be back to pick them up. Even if your kid cries, you should stay firm and leave.

Hopefully, the above mentioned tips can help you make your child settle down in the nursery easily. Of course, the assistance of the nursery staff also plays an important role here. So, choose the best nursery in Singapore or any other country to get the best care for your child.

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