Nervous while playing violin in front of others? Check out these tips.

It is quite understandable that you get nervous to the pointing of having shaky legs on stage. Many face these problems. It is, however, not difficult to get away from the feeling and regain confidence while playing for others. Follow the tips below and you will be good to go for your net performance. Let your violin classes at Ossia music school pay off and make Singapore not only proud of you but make them want to hear you perform more.

1. Preparation is the key
As a prerequisite to your performance, preparation is the key ingredient. It helps to boost up your confidence while playing if you have practiced a lot. To achieve this, challenge yourself to play the piece or any section ten times in a row. If you mess up a section, play only that part 10 more times until you perfect it. Once you have achieved consistency in the section, play the whole piece again until you have achieved the same consistency. Knowing your piece well to the heart can make you confident that you will not mess it up even in front of thousands; all you have to do it to keep your cool and remember that you have practiced the piece multiple times without any faults.

Voila! You have now mastered the piece and in turn increased your confidence.

2. Do not back away!
Performing in front of people is not the same always. This skill has to be practiced and the fear needs to be overcome, only then will you be able to step on the stage without the shakiness returning. It is difficult to concentrate on playing violin when you know there are people watching you and that makes you constantly feel afraid of messing the piece up in front of everyone. It can be quite nerve-racking.
What you can do to overcome this is to play in front of people at every slight opportunity you get. You can begin with the music you know best and play it in front of people – start with your friends or family members – people you are comfortable with. When you are ready, go out and play for strangers. Start with the hospitals and institutions that let volunteers play. There are many who would love to get some magical change from their mundane duties of everyday life. Go and do it. Your confidence will boost up exceptionally and you will be ready for future performances in no time.

3. Just breathe!
When you are performing for a crowd, it is not uncommon to hold your breath; in fact, it is an unconscious reaction of your body. However, instead of helping, this can make matters worse for you. It is good to teach your body to keep breathing while playing. You can do this while practicing before the performance. Keep breathing with rhythm to tune. Also, while performing, when you are thinking about breathing, you have something to distract you from all the eyes that are set on you, watching you perform. Another benefit of breathing is that it helps you relax. Ever taken multiple breaths to calm yourself down? Exactly. Keep your breathing regular while performing and the people watching you will not make you nervous anymore.

These are some tips that will help you when you are fretting to go on stage and getting scared to play in front of the many people who are there expecting excellent music from you. There is no need to fret. All you have to remember is to keep your cool, know your notes and breathe.

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