Playgroup industry in Singapore

Playgroup is a word that is used very commonly nowadays. It is soon going to be a replacement for the term kindergarten. A playgroup can be defined as a kind of child care centre that gives care to children below the age of five. The child goes to a playgroup before going to school. The definition of a playgroup would be an organised group of care givers that provide care to the children and help them socialise before they venture out into their new journey of school life. Playgroups are more informal as compared to the preschool education that the children usually receive.

Playgroups are usually operated by those who are parents themselves. The care givers in playgroups are trained. They teach the children to interact and socialise with each other. Children hail from different ethnic groups and varied social backgrounds. Playgroup becomes like a common platform for children from different backgrounds. Thus, playgroups can be taken to be a perfect example of a globalised, inclusive and cosmopolitan culture.

The care givers in playgroup engage and involve the children in various activities to help them to socialise amongst themselves. This way children from varied backgrounds become friends with each other. Especially in places like Singapore, where children come from different ethnic backgrounds, playgroups are the best way to make them feel the unity in their diversity. Thus, playgroups in Singapore are very important.

Playgroup as a thriving industry:

With the increasing importance of playgroup in Singapore, they are now turning into an industry themselves. It is one industry that would hardly bear any brunt of the rising and falling of Sensex. Rather, this is one profit making industry that is not only thriving itself but is also letting other industries thrive. We all know that Singapore has a very thriving economy. For this economy to grow and prosper, the people of Singapore need to work and generate revenue. A major population of the professional class must be married with children. It would be impossible for the working parents to work well if they were constantly worried about their children. Thus these playgroups, by providing assurance to the parents that their children are receiving proper care, ensure that the parents work properly.

Hence, the playgroups functioning as a tertiary industry act as a catalyst that help and impact the smooth running of business for the other industries. Thus, it is important that the playgroup industry grow and thrive for other industries to work well.

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