Five Tell Signs of a Successful Nursery School

As a parent, the first challenge of making decisions for your child presents itself when it is time to choose a pre-school. A simple online search specific to a given location will throw numerous hits all claiming that they are the best. Forums aren’t fully reliable either, as there is a growing trend of schools carrying out their own soft publicity on forums using fake users. So how do you discern what is really good for your child? It is highly advisable to just pick out a few factors and rank your selected choices to make your decision process easier.

One example of a good nursery is Chiltern House. They not only have dedicated teachers to guide your child to become confident and outspoken, they also prepare your child for primary school where he/she will be exposed to English, Mathematics and Science at an early age. Hence, if you are looking for a Singapore nursery school to prepare your child for their formal education, you should check out Chiltern House here:

Next, in order to pick from the available choices, here are five tell signs to help you choose the best nursery in Singapore.

1. Word on the street: Reputation often precedes the institution. A good reputation is a testimony to excellent teaching standards and facilities. A pre-school that proclaims its greatness must have an amicable atmosphere, a learning environment with a brain stimulating teaching curriculum. You could request the school to hand a list of parent names and their contact number to speak to them or visit during afternoon time to interact with other parents. If most of the feedback is negative, look for other schools.

2. A curriculum that educates: It would be futile if all that your child learns is to tell a fruit from a vegetable- you might as well save the tuition and teach her at home. A curriculum is the litmus test that points the teaching efficiency of the program chosen by the school. What you should look for is adequate time for play, group activities, snack, TV time (must be minimum), craft etc. If you feel that the curriculum is not challenging enough, look for other options.

3. A well planned administrative structure: The school shouldn’t be so strict that it makes you wonder if you’ve enlisted or enrolled your child neither should it be nonchalant. Look into how they handle emergency situations and sickness policy. If the school isn’t forthcoming with the asked information, there is a high chance that they are hiding something.

4. Cleanliness: Needless to emphasize, but cleanliness is a positive indication. If the interior of the school looks like a misplaced sandpit, turn around and look for a different one. Also, visit the food preparation section to inspect the standards of hygiene. The trash bins must not be smelly and over-littered, and indoors must be well ventilated.

5. A valid license: Inquire on the credentials and the license of the pre-school. Be thorough and cross-check with the Ministry if the license is valid. If possible, choose a nursery that does not have offences under its belt.

In conclusion, choosing a nursery school can be made simple when you identify those factors which are important and rank your choices according to these factors. This helps you to sift out the less important or unnecessary noise and helps you make a better choice.